As part of its 2019 communication campaign on road prevention, MACSF wishes to communicate with its members and prospects and highlight the theme of drowsiness while driving.
This 45-second film will also be a lever to communicate about the contest organized by the MACSF on a dedicated platform, allowing participants to win a road safety box.
The film intended for MACSF social networks will have to carry this message to health professionals and in particular to hospital staff.
Since 1995, insurers have committed to the State to voluntarily allocate at least 0.5% of the amount of motor vehicle liability contributions they receive to road risk prevention actions. The new five-year agreement signed in February 2017 sets out three priority axes of action:
• the fight against the main accident risk factors: excessive or inappropriate speed, alcohol abuse, use of narcotic products, distractors (telephone, etc.) ;
• the reduction in number and severity of motorized two-wheeler accidents; the development of road education, especially among young people.
Road accidents are unfortunately a subject that affects almost anyone. Every year, there are still nearly 4,000 dead and 200,000 injured. And it is not because I am a health professional that I am protected from road accidents, yet I know the risks and especially their consequences.


Production Pitchlab Production Executive Reactive Zone Director Guillaume Cosson DP Guillaume Cosson Project Manager Loutfi maatouk First Assistant Thomas Bazin Make Up Cindy Galhac Actor Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi Voice Over Julien Bocher




Production Executive

Reactive Zone


Guillaume Cosson


October 14, 2019