CAP 3000

Cap3000 – Creator of emotions since 1969 – is much more than a shopping center: it is a place of life in which everything encourages us to enjoy every moment. And when you are twenty years old, you have only one desire; to have fun.The Cap3000 center is rediscovering a new youth, and it is this extra (child’s) soul that is staged through an explosive, fun and colorful chase! Life is a game and Cap 3000 its field.
This rhythmic and frenetic route is an opportunity to take a tour of the center, to discover the key spots (signs, activities, architecture…) that make Cap3000 a unique and exceptional place on the Mediterranean coast.
Our two teenagers go through the sets, go from shop to shop by changing outfits and style, accessorizing each other, or even dressing up. They play chameleons. This allows us to subtly show the catalog of signs and activities offered by the shopping center, while showing young people having fun. It’s much more than shopping!


Production Ipanema Director Guillaume Cosson First Assistant Gaétan Hamon DP Nils Ruinet First AC Maxime Maujean Actors Fanny Sage & Romain Mutant DA Charlotte Sorel Music Derek

Cap 3000




Guillaume Cosson


Nils Ruinet


July 18, 2018