The ZTE brand is set to create a compelling film showcasing its latest innovation, the ZTE V6 smartphone, with a concept devised by the creative minds at Josiane agency.
The film is envisioned to encapsulate a modern and dynamic aesthetic that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s identity and resonates with its target audience. At its core, the film serves as a visual journey, portraying the trajectory of the ZTE phone as if it were part of an exhilarating relay.
In the narrative, the ZTE phone becomes a captivating focal point, passing dynamically from one hand to another in a surprising and seamless manner. To bring this vision to life, the production engaged skilled stunt performers specializing in parkour, injecting the screen with visually striking and breathtaking movements. These experts not only added a layer of excitement and energy to the film but also contributed to the overall dynamism, ensuring that every frame resonates with the modern and forward-thinking ethos of the ZTE brand. The result is set to be a cinematic experience that not only showcases the product’s features but also immerses the audience in the exhilarating journey of the ZTE V6 smartphone.


Agency Josiane Production Captain Prod Director Guillaume Cosson DP Cyril Bron First AD Julien Espiault First AC Wilfried De Sousa Make Up El Djoher Ait Amer Actors Jeremy / Keemo Driss (Breakers) / Monia Moula / Medhi Hadim (Traceurs) / Jennifer Chameroy / Olivier Chapussette. Music Jean-Christophe Gutierres Post Production Reactive Zone

Captain Prod


Guillaume Cosson


Cyril Bron


December 5, 2015