MACSF ✭ Signification

Welcome to the second installment of MACSF‘s digital communication strategy aimed at young doctors. In this mini-series, the iconic medical insurance provider aims to shed light on the meaning behind the acronym MACSF. From the outset, I recommended an engaging, humorous tone for this communication.
During the one-day shoot, we optimized our time by sharing sets and assembling a talented cast of actors. As the writer and director, I took the reins in crafting these three clips, intending to captivate the audience while delivering a clear message about the role and significance of MACSF for young medical professionals.
Each sequence seamlessly flows into the next, creating a coherent and engaging narrative experience. Infused with humor, each frame not only imparts a light and enjoyable atmosphere but also facilitates the memorization of the central message. This project showcases the effectiveness of a creative and playful approach in digital communication, combining MACSF’s expertise with my artistic vision to create a memorable and impactful experience for young doctors.


Production Pitchlab Agency Pitchlab Director⎜DP Guillaume Cosson First AC Yvain Bois Sound engineer Arthur Desprès Makeup / Hairdressing Cindy Galhac Assistant Emmanuel Bardouil Actor Tanya Mattouk / Jessica Morali / François Legrand / Simon Oldani Music Haim Mazar & Brightside Studio post Production reactive zone




Production Executive

Reactive Zone


Guillaume Cosson


November 17, 2016