Carrefour Express


Carrefour introduces a swift home delivery service tailored for its Parisian clientele. Through the retailer’s dedicated platform, customers can seamlessly receive a curated selection of 2000 everyday products within an hour or during a specific half-hour window.

Directed by Guillaume Cosson, three films playfully depict the absence or shortage of three essential products in everyday situations. The narrative takes a whimsical turn, showcasing the solution: “Missing a product? We’ll deliver it to you within an hour.” This innovative service not only caters to the fast-paced lifestyle of Parisians but also transforms mundane scenarios into entertaining showcases for the efficiency and convenience of Carrefour’s rapid delivery system. Guillaume Cosson’s directorial touch adds a creative flair, ensuring that these films not only inform but also entertain, making the prospect of swift and reliable deliveries a delightful experience for Carrefour’s customers.


Agency Josiane Creative director Baptiste Thiery Production Captain Prod Director Guillaume Cosson DP Clément Arenou First AC Mathieu Andrieux Make Up Estelle Jaillet Actors Brahim Rachiki / Cédric Ganezza / Claire Losser

Captain Prod


Guillaume Cosson


Clément Arenou


October 25, 2016