Composition ı film scoring ı mix


Orchestral Composition

For me, music and imagery are inseparable. Orchestral composition, a natural choice in recent years, draws on my childhood immersion in classical music, shaping instinctive responses. Practice is vital for improvement, exploring new sounds, and delving into harmonic progressions. The power of music lies in its ability to shape the narrative conveyed by images. My musician’s name is Monsieur Pepper.

Monsieur PepperDouble Menace
Monsieur PepperJardin Oublié
Monsieur PepperNuit d'Orient
Monsieur PepperSoupçons
Monsieur PepperParadisium
Monsieur PepperLa Dame du Lac
Monsieur PepperMagic Crime
Monsieur PepperUn Autre Royaume


Productions & Remix

I enjoy exploring various music genres. I can compose for soul, electro, and hip-hop. The blend of orchestral and urban music is an endless source of inspiration for me. The juxtaposition of a violin ensemble with the kick of an 808 drum machine is exhilarating. Remixing is also a highly enjoyable exercise, rearranging a piece to convey a different mood.

Monsieur PepperOne Day (REMIX) (feat. Bibi Bourelly & Jean Deaux)
Monsieur PepperLet Me Show You
Monsieur PepperWhiskey (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)
Monsieur PepperBounce to the Rhythm
Monsieur PepperSoul Chain (feat. Yaway and Loutfi)
Monsieur PepperIl S'envole (feat. Loutfi)
Monsieur PepperCloser (REMIX) feat. Praiz
Monsieur PepperMemories
Monsieur PepperI Want U (feat. Loutfi)
Monsieur PepperBelle, c'est toi que j'aimerai