Guillaume Cosson

Director ı VFX Artist ı Composer

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I am passionate about images.

My unwavering passion lies in the art of storytelling. I find genuine satisfaction
in conceptualizing, crafting, and refining narratives.

Visual creation, for me, is a continual exploration—a perpetual quest for the most captivating expression, finely tuned to each context. I am wholeheartedly committed to transcending stylistic boundaries to ensure that each production meets the specific needs of my clients. My ultimate goal is to breathe life into visual narratives that captivate and evoke an emotional resonance.

I have refined my expertise using various software tools. Among them, Davinci Resolve has proven to be my preferred tool for editing and color grading. For compositing, I use Nuke, renowned for its power and flexibility in crafting complex visual effects. Recently, I've incorporated Houdini into my toolkit, a potent software dedicated to 3D simulations. This addition has broadened my creative horizons, enabling exploration of more intricate and immersive aspects of post-production.

Music cannot be separated from imagery. It either accompanies or creates the visuals. The composition of orchestral music has become a natural choice in recent years. I was immersed in classical music throughout my childhood, which provided me with automatic responses, combinations of instruments, and articulations that have become instinctive. It's as if this logic of orchestral arrangement has always been dormant within me. The power of music is such that it can make images convey whatever it desires.

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