Jennifer & Slimane

In this music video, Jenifer and Slimane find themselves locked in a department store at night, seeking their child’s soul through playful exploration. Roaming the shelves, they invent stories using everyday objects, creating charming “paintings” of their adventures. The video captures moments of complicity and friendship, emphasizing the joy found in simple things. Walking through the store, the duo’s imaginative narratives unfold within various settings.
As the night progresses, Jenifer and Slimane awake next to each other, greeted by the unexpected sight of a surprised granny with a shopping cart. The video concludes with infectious laughter, encapsulating the whimsical essence of their nighttime escapade. This musical journey celebrates the magic within ordinary moments, transforming a routine night in a department store into a delightful and heartwarming adventure.
This is Jenifer’s most viewed clip on YouTube. To date, it has more than 36 million views.


Production HK Corp Director Guillaume Cosson First Assistant Olbek Martel DP Nils Ruinet First AC Maxime Maujean Make Up / Stylist Sylvaine Colin Lead Grip Eric Courtecuisse Grip Morjane Charef, Marie Landon Set Designer Djamil Mostefaoui Set Assistant Asma Jouini, Thomas Duperon Hair Stylist Gilles Le Douaron Actors Mark Baris (Vigil) – Arlette Najsztat (client) Editing Stéphane Ridard / Guillaume Cosson Color Grading Kim Marc Huynh (PointMoov)

Making of


Universal Music


HK Corp


Guillaume Cosson


Nils Ruinet


June 8, 2019