Armstrong ✭ Maurane

It was my first encounter with Maurane when we proposed to visually interpret her song. We opted for shooting on a green screen for the flexibility it provides in creating the graphics for the music video and incorporating visual effects during post-production.
This decision allowed us a blank canvas for the graphic realization of the video and seamless integration of various visual elements. The green screen approach facilitated an exceptional creative flexibility, enabling the addition of visual elements and special effects during post-production.
This approach led to a dynamic creative process where Maurane’s song was beautifully complemented by intricate graphic visuals. The green screen served as a virtual canvas, allowing us to explore diverse visual atmospheres and create visually captivating sequences that seamlessly blended with the music. This experience not only transformed the song into an immersive visual journey but also paved the way for future exploratory artistic collaborations.



June 13, 2009