Mc Solar ✭ Aiwa

The film takes place in a heavenly place; a villa with a swimming pool facing the sea. You can feel a warmth that offers no other possibility than to relax in the sun. Mc Solaar takes advantage of the place and realizes that he is surrounded only by sublime women. Some sunbathe on a buoy, others play badminton or refresh themselves with a cocktail by the pool. After a while Mc Solaar asks himself questions, everything is too perfect and he focuses on certain details. He realizes that the girls’ actions are in a loop. He sees a blue cat passing by. Gradually, the scenes around Mc Solaar fill up with ” glitch”. Then everything becomes normal again on arrival a pretty half-caste who attracts her attention.


Production HK Corp Production HK Corp Production Director John Gitlis / Hortense Boyer Director Guillaume Cosson First Assistant Olbek Martel DP Pau Munoz Spanish Exécutive Production Münchhausen Set Designer Laura Santos Martí Stylist Aurore Donguy Models Sarra Nasra, Serait Desalegn, Gemma Iglesias, Katia Iliukevich, Nina Nowicka Editing & Color Grading Loïc Jançon VFX Guillaume Cosson

HK Corp


Guillaume Cosson


Pau Munoz


April 15, 2018