Jannah Roy ✭ Filmbook

Explore the captivating portrait of Jannah Roy, a stunning French model, in this film that is part of a series dedicated to showcasing various models. Crafted with passion, this project stems from a personal endeavor, aiming to highlight the unique beauty and vibrant personality of Jannah.
The commitment and dedication of the contributors shine through, as this work is entirely based on the voluntary efforts of those who contribute to bringing these cinematic portraits to life.
Through meticulous aesthetics and subtle storytelling, this film offers more than just a visual portrait. This collaborative and passionate endeavor goes beyond, breathing life into visual narratives infused with emotion and beauty. The result is a testament to the power of spontaneous collaboration in creating cinematic stories that resonate with depth and allure.

Guillaume Cosson


Jannah Roy

Make Up

Cindy Galhac


Samuel Chikly

First AC

Loutfi Maatouk


Luxury Club


January 26, 2013