Gemey ✭ Eyestudio

Eye Studio stands as an engaging YouTube series hosted by the talented makeup artist Carole Colombani for Gemey Maybelline. This show offers viewers a transformative experience, focusing on trendy makeup looks featuring Gemey Maybelline products. The overarching goal was to create an extensive collection of around twenty videos within a tight two-day production schedule, expertly handled by Captain Prod.
Explore the latest makeup trends and techniques as Carole Colombani brings her artistic touch to the Gemey Maybelline lineup. Each episode of Eye Studio promises an immersive journey into the world of beauty and cosmetics, providing valuable insights into makeup application and showcasing the versatility of Gemey Maybelline products. With a production helmed by Captain Prod, the series not only captures the essence of contemporary beauty but also ensures a visually stunning and informative experience for makeup enthusiasts. Dive into Eye Studio for an inspiring exploration of makeup artistry and stay tuned for a rich array of content presented by Carole Colombani.


Production Captain Prod Director Guillaume Cosson DP Clément Arenou Production Director Raphaëlle Driss Production assistant Cédric Hirep OPV Thomas Bazin / Yvain Bois Sound engineer François Darleguy Make Up Artist Carol Colombani Script Maggie Perlado

Captain Prod


Guillaume Cosson


Clément Arenou


February 26, 2014