Malvina Bayle ✭ Filmbook

This film is a playful and elegant portrait of model Malvina Bayle, created by a remarkably small team of two. The goal was a cinematic revelation, authentically reflecting Malvina’s personality—humorous, sensual, fashion-loving, and generous. Each frame serves as an artistic stroke, meticulously composed to highlight not only her outer beauty but also the different facets of her character.
The film takes viewers on a journey through Malvina’s life, a testament to her influence on the fashion world. The deliberate choice of a small production team fosters an atmosphere where creativity flows freely, and the collaboration between creators and subject is symbiotic. This intimacy permeates each frame, revealing a connection that elevates the film beyond a visual spectacle.
As the narrative unfolds, it seamlessly integrates fashion aesthetics with storytelling, capturing Malvina not just as a model but as a style icon. The film pulsates with the rhythm of her laughter, the elegance of her movements, and the generosity that emanates from her. In essence, this cinematic celebration encapsulates Malvina Bayle’s infectious zest for life, leaving an indelible mark in both the fashion and film realms.

Guillaume Cosson


Malvina Bayle


December 19, 2019