This shot provided a remarkable opportunity to test the Keen Tool – Facebuilder & Facetracker plugin for Nuke. This plugin offers a dual functionality by enabling the 3D modeling of a face from various photos and conducting 3D tracking of both facial and camera movements. This innovative technique paves the way for adding visual effects or 3D elements to an actor’s face, introducing an artistic and immersive dimension.
The use of this plugin facilitated seamless integration between the real and digital worlds, providing extended creative possibilities. By capturing facial movement with 3D precision, the plugin allows perfect synchronization between virtual elements and the actor’s facial expressions. This convergence of technology and creativity enhanced the shot, opening the door to striking visual possibilities.
The impact of this shot was such that the plugin editor chose to include this sequence in their demonstration reel. This recognition underscores the effectiveness and relevance of using the plugin in film projects. By incorporating this experience into the official demo, it not only highlights the success of the experiment but also emphasizes the significant contribution of this shot to the advancement of visual post-production techniques.


VFX Artist

Guillaume Cosson


Nuke⎜Cinema 4D⎜Keen Tool


October 26, 2020