Force Shield

This experiment revolves around the theme of the electromagnetic shield entirely created and composited in Nuke. The shield becomes visible only when intercepting enemy shots, creating a captivating visual dynamic. This specific shot has been chosen as the basis for a tutorial adapted to After Effects, providing a learning opportunity for students interested in achieving this type of effect.
The design of the electromagnetic shield, entirely crafted in Nuke, showcases bold exploration of the capabilities of this advanced compositing software. The visual selectivity of the shield, appearing only when interacting with enemy shots, adds a layer of sophistication to the effect, highlighting the power and responsiveness of the shield.
The decision to create a tutorial specifically for After Effects offers an educational approach, enabling students to understand and apply the process of creating this particular effect. This initiative promotes the dissemination of skills in visual post-production, fostering learning and experimentation in the field of special effects. By sharing this experience, the tutorial serves as a gateway between compositing software, facilitating creative exploration for future visual effects creators.

September 29, 2020