Les escapades de Jean-Guy-Patrick (Pilote)

“Les escapades de Jean-Guy-Patrick” serves as a brief pilot program, centered around the intriguing concept of exploring French villages boasting improbable and humorous names. Within the expanse of this country lie countless small hamlets adorned with whimsical names that not only elicit laughter but also spark the imagination with a comedic allure. Embarking on his escapades, Jean-Guy-Patrick, our intrepid “horizons discoverer,” graciously extends an invitation to delve into the unlikely histories of some of the most remote French villages.
Remarkably, the production of these two episodes was achieved with a budget of 0 euros and sheer motivation. At the time, my sole tool for capturing the essence of these adventures was a Canon 7D camera. Despite the limited resources, the journey through the peculiar landscapes and narratives of these villages was rich with discovery, reflecting the passion and dedication that fueled the creation of this pilot program.

Thibault Sommain⎜Vincent Daenen


Thibault Sommain⎜Vincent Daenen⎜Frank Geney⎜Benjamin Dumont


January 16, 2010