Dreamin’ ✭ VFX

The video seamlessly weaves between the realms of dreams and reality, unfolding the narrative of a child temporarily immersed in a surreal and poetic universe within the confines of a grand house. Drawing inspiration from the surrealist art of Magritte, certain sequences pay homage to his iconic style, infusing the visual storytelling with a touch of artistic homage.
Crafting the synopsis and storyboarding this imaginative adventure was a source of great enjoyment for me. The process involved envisioning and conceptualizing a world where reality intertwines with the fantastical, creating a visually compelling journey for the audience. The challenge, however, lay in the constraints of time and budget typical for a music video for a burgeoning artist.
Despite these limitations, the endeavor was an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness. Achieving special effects within the tight timeframe and budget demanded innovative solutions and a strategic approach to visual storytelling. This project exemplifies the artistry and ingenuity required to bring forth a captivating narrative, demonstrating that even with constraints, the fusion of dream and reality can be beautifully and evocatively captured on screen.
You can watch the clip here

November 27, 2016