C’est si beau ici ✭ Angelina

For me, “C’est si beau ici” is much more than a music video; it was a beautiful adventure and an immersion into the magical landscapes of the Var hinterland. We had to minimize the team for maximum mobility, shooting quickly in various pre-scouted locations. The two-day shoot allowed us to feature a variety of settings to showcase the young singer Angélina. This experience enabled us to capture the essence of the song, visually connecting it to the natural splendor of the region. Each frame becomes a visual exploration, reflecting the symbiosis between the music and the picturesque beauty of the landscapes in Var.


Production Reactive Zone Director⎜DP Guillaume Cosson DA Loutfi maatouk First Assistant Jean-Christophe Gutierres Make Up Zahn MakeUp Drone Sami & Jérôme (Drone Pictures)

Universal Music


Reactive Zone


Guillaume Cosson


May 27, 2019