Amir ✭ On dirait

The music video serves as an allegory of life, adorned with potent symbols that weave a captivating narrative. Amir navigates through a realm that surprises with its unconventional setting, witnessing fragments of lives where enigmatic “guardian angels” play a pivotal role. Yet, the ambiguity persists—do these figures embody supernatural entities or are they merely benevolent individuals offering protection and care?
The video deliberately leaves ample room for the viewer’s interpretation, inviting them to delve into the layers of symbolism and derive personal meaning from the unfolding scenes. Each vignette becomes a tableau, a snapshot of existence, and the ambiguity surrounding the nature of the guardian angels adds a layer of mystery and wonder to the storytelling. This intentional openness in interpretation encourages viewers to engage actively with the narrative, transforming the music video into a visual journey that sparks contemplation and reflection on the diverse facets of life.


Production HK Corp Production Director Pierre-André Marion Director Guillaume Cosson DP Nils Ruinet First Assistant Olbek Martel First AC Maxime Maujean Post Production Reactive Zone

HK Corp


Guillaume Cosson


Nils Ruinet


September 3, 2016