Every year LVMH organizes an event to unveil the next trends and products in terms of cosmetics and perfumes. This film is an excerpt from a mood film for the launch of a new perfume. Can you guess which one?
This “director’s cut” version intentionally omits both the pack shot and the Dior logo, providing a unique perspective. The film transforms into an artistic canvas, an opportunity for exploration and innovation. The decision to break away from traditional branding elements allows for a focus on the creative essence, freeing the director to fully experiment.
The experimentation extends beyond the post-production phase; it encompasses the filming process. The project becomes a visual laboratory, a testing ground for innovative effects. The use of a phantom camera, capable of capturing 1000 frames per second in 4K, represents a significant technical advancement. This technology requires a specialized workflow, but it offers exceptional visual richness, enabling exploration of details and movements with outstanding precision and clarity.
Production HK Corp Director Guillaume Cosson DP Mahdi Lepart Make Up Marion Létandart Model Justine Soranzo Music Darkness From Yesterday / Audio Network Limited

HK Corp


Guillaume Cosson


Mahdi Lepart


November 23, 2020