Fais Moi Une Fleur ✭ Maurane

In a sun-kissed Paris, Maurane strolls to the delicate melody of “Fais-moi une fleur,” the first single from her eponymous album. The warm scenes capturing the Belgian singer’s passage through the flourishing capital are featured in her newly unveiled music video today. Here, you’ll find the warmth and simplicity of an artist and the elegance of the arrangements from a truly distinctive album. This visual journey encapsulates the genuine warmth of Maurane, the artist’s simplicity, and the refined elegance of the album’s musical arrangements. The video transports us to a sun-soaked Paris, creating a seamless fusion between the city’s natural beauty and the musical finesse of her work. This clip provides an immersive visual experience, unveiling the artist’s soul and the captivating uniqueness of this particular album.
Merci à Christophe Kumorek, Pauline Allié, Ludovic Barnouin, Pépito, Claire Chust, Guillaume Faure, François-Régis Mellet, Youssouf, Sarah Layton, L’hôtel Arvor, Naget, Le Bar du Caveau, Thibault Dubreuil, Johan Kraif.
© 2011 Polydor un label Universal Music France
Production Reactive Zone Director Guillaume Cosson Production manager Louis Maatouk DP Clément Arenou First AC Jean-Christophe Gutierres Light assistant Basile Barniske Make Up Brigitte Delouis HairStyle Christophe Ortéga 3D Studio Microbe Studio



Polydor Music


Guillaume Cosson


Reactive Zone


Clément Arenou


September 13, 2011